Thank you to our fans

commuHi community, we thank you for your commitment.
Our happiness comes from your enthusiasm to discover our products under development, made with passion.
14800 Like our FaceBook page. 1200 twittos subscribers and still more comments on our forum.

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Go to Animasia Festival 2016 Bordeaux

badgeHello everyone, This year will mark our presence in Animasia festival as visitors. We do not yet have enough entertaining video content to present to compete alongside our great Bordeaux that his brothers BlackFlag Studio, Studio glitchr or Manufacture43, but we can tell you about it in person.

We will be equipped with badge WisGames and just one of them will end up in your pocket. Meet at 14 Hangar on Saturday 01 and Sunday, October 2 in Bordeaux.

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Discover the first 3D modeling of Lunile

Enjoy the first modeling trials with DC Fuse , Mixamo Blender and our heroine , Lunile . The animation 3Dde our character will be used in video games Browser mobile MMORPG and Animated Film . A first teaser of seconds coming soon for our fans. Also find our little animated video presentation on Youtube.

A tome 4 for our fans before the end of the year

dark angelMany of you to the announcement of the end of the Angel Eyes saga ebooks format to send messages of support and above all,
to ask us to continue write short stories complete as new .
We decided , in parallel to the realization of comics and video games ,
write a tome 4 to the end of 2016. More news will come out current 2017
for this media continuously feeds our universe